Periodicity: Your Monthly Dose of Power

Periodicity: Your Monthly Dose of Power

Ladies, it's time to reframe how we think about our monthly visitor! Recent research from the UCL Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health has uncovered a surprising twist in our menstrual tale. Published in Neuropsychologia, the study found that menstruating athletes showed improved reaction times, accuracy, and attention to detail during their periods. Who knew our "time of the month" could be our secret weapon?

But let's face it – comfort is key when you're pushing your limits. That's where sustainable period care shines:

1. Longer-lasting protection
2. Enhanced comfort
3. Eco-friendly design
4. Cost-effective in the long run
5. Confidence boost

Products like menstrual cups and discs are game-changers, allowing you to focus on your performance without worrying about leaks or frequent changes.

Ready to tap into your monthly dose of power? Here's how:

1. Track your cycle
2. Experiment with sustainable period care
3. Start with light exercise and listen to your body
4. Stay hydrated and nourished
5. Celebrate your body's strength!

Remember, every body is unique. This isn't about pushing beyond your limits, but about recognising your natural rhythms and potentially uncovering hidden strengths.

So, embrace your periodicity! Your menstrual cycle might just be the power-up you've been overlooking. Grab your sustainable period care and show the world what you're made of – your next personal best could be just a cycle away!

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