Q: Who is Balance Me for?

A: Every woman! 
*Please speak to your medical practitioner prior to starting Balance Me if you are pregnant or have menopausal complications. We also recommend a reduced dose for teenagers considering Balance Me. 


Q: Can men take Balance Me?

A: Even though it is safe for men to take one of the key ingredients, Vitex agnes-castus was traditionally used to reduce libido in men and there is scientific evidence that Vitex can impact the endocrine system, which can be delicately balanced. 


Q: Can women in menopause take Balance Me?

A: There is no risk for healthy women taking Balance Me through menopause and some may find Vitex helpful in this stage of their lives and is likely to reduce some of the symptoms such as sleeplessness and mild anxiety. However, it doesn’t contain any of the major herbs traditionally for menopause, so think of it as a great adjunct to more targeted supplement or herbal tonic.


Q: Can people who are breastfeeding take Balance Me?

A: We recommend you speak to a complementary medicine practitioner for specific consideration. It is not recommended to take this high level extract of Melissa during lactation.


Q: Can I take more than the recommended dose?

A: No. It is recommended to take 2 tablets daily, unless advised by your healthcare professional. Balance me contains Selenium which is toxic in high  doses. A maximum of 150mg daily for adults should not be exceeded.


Q: I feel sick after taking the tablets, what do I do?

A: Let me start by saying this is very normal due to the detoxification properties. The tablets can make you feel sick if you have a sensitive stomach. If you feel sick, we recommend taking one tablet a day with food for the first week, then move to one tablet in the morning and one at night. You can continue to take the tablets like this or work your way up to 2 tablets at a time. 


Q: My pee is bright yellow, is this normal?

A: YES BABY!! This is an indicator that you are flushing out toxins. Don’t forget to drink heaps of water and keep going.


Q: I am on prescription medication, can I take Balance Me?

A: We recommend you speak with your medical professional before starting Balance Me. Rest assured, our tablets contain all natural ingredients.


Q: Is Balance Me vegan and gluten free? 

A: You bet they are!!