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Menstrual Disc

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    Comfortable, easy to use, ultra soft medical grade silicone, one size fits all Menstrual Disc. Comes standard with a cotton carry case.

    Size: One size fits all (60 x 67mm and holds 50ml)

    Cleaning: We recommend our Sterilizing Steamer for a quick convenient clean after you have finished your cycle, alternatively you can boil the Menstrual Cup in water for 3-5 minutes.

    Storing: Keep in a cool dry place stored in your cotton carry bag or silicon case.


    One of the significant benefits of using a menstrual disc is its discreet and comfortable design. Unlike traditional menstrual products, a menstrual disc is positioned high in the vaginal canal, making it virtually unnoticeable during daily activities. This discreetness allows individuals to go about their day with confidence and minimal discomfort, addressing a common pain point for many menstruators.

    Leak-Free Confidence: They provide reliable leak protection;
    even during active pursuits.

    Discreet Comfort: Their discreet design offers comfort and confidence during menstruation.

    Extended Wear: Menstrual discs can be worn for up to 12 hours, reducing the need for frequent changes.

    Eco-Friendly: Many are reusable, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective over time.

    Reduced Odor: They minimize odor by collecting menstrual fluid without exposure to air.

    Addressing Allergies: A suitable option for those with allergies to traditional products.

    Freedom of Movement: They allow unrestricted movement during various activities.

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    How do menstrual discs work?

    The Menstrual Disc sits high up in the vaginal canal just below he cervix collecting period blood, instead of absorbing it, unlike what a tampon or pad does.

    Can I have sex while wearing my disc?

    Yes, you can enjoy no-mess period sex with your Disc in place as your disc sits high and behind the pubic bone, it doesn’t get in the way of penetration. The flexible design allows it to move and flex with your body.

    Can I swim and exercise with a disc in?

    Yes, you can do almost anything with your Disc inserted.

    How long can I wear my disc?

    Our Menstrual Disc will provide leak-proof protection for hours. We recommend emptying and rinsing your Disc every 8 hours, however it can be worn for up to 12 consecutive hours, depending on your flow. Go about your daily activities or sleep soundly without worry and in total comfort.

    How do I insert my Disc?

    The Disc is super easy to use, just like a tampon but allows you fold it in half and push all the way back tucking it up behind your pubic bone.

    Will the disc fit me?

    When inserted the cup is the same size as a regular tampon. Since the disc is soft and flexible, it is easy to insert no matter your size.

    I have heavy periods, will this work for me?

    The disc holds up to 70ml of fluid which is more than 4 times what a super tampon holds. We are confident that you'll learn about your cycle and feel comfortable using your disc.

    How do I remove the disc?

    Relax your pelvic muscles, gently locate the edge of the disc and slowly remove. A little practice makes perfect.

    Can I sleep with my disc?

    Yes! You can sleep worry-free.

    Did we answer your questions?

    Still have questions? No worries! Please feel free to email our customer care team anytime at and we will be more than happy to help.