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The Khush Place is an Australian owned and operated biz, created to support and empower women who want to take control of their hormones.

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Hormonal Support


Thoroughly researched ingredients formulated to specifically target, support, and maintain key areas for balanced hormonal health.

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  • Vegan & Gluten Free

    All Natural Ingredients
  • Medical Grade

    TGA Approved
  • Evidence Based

    Hormonal Support
  • Australian Made

    Proudly locally produced

Try it, Risk Free

We think that you're going to love Balance Me but in case you don't, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full, 100% hassle-free refund.

From our Customers

Highly recommend this product for those who are wanting to regulate their hormones and control insulin resistance assisting in weight loss. Has been an amazing product for my clients

Functional AF

I was introduced to Balance Me two months ago. Prior to that I experienced immense period pain and fatigue, keeping in mind I have endometriosis. I knew when I was about to get my period as symptoms started to show a week before I came on. However within two weeks of taking Balance Me, I stopped experiencing the intense level of pain, and after about a month, absolutely no pain at all. The symptoms really affected my performance level at work and now I can carry out all my duties at my optimal level.

Marriya S

I swear I have no period pain! I am usually bloated and have serious discomfort and now NOTHING! It’s only been a few weeks, but no drugs required. I honest to goodness have nothing.

Candace Ford

 I started taking this only a week ago and feeling the benefits already!!

Rosin Connolly 

My partner loves your products and couldn't thank you enough, specially with the service we received. She's fond of your business to be honest :) We are hoping we can purchase more once we get back from vacation.

Bobby Y

I love this product, I have struggled with IBS and mood
swings for years and Balance Me has improved my mood and bloating.


Balance Me works well and fast! Perimenopause bloat is gone, love this stuff.

Lorraine T

Its amazing, my sleep and improved and my gut feels amazing. No more bloat, fatigue and brain fog.

Marina V

Huge positive effect on my hormones coming up to my period. Feel so much calmer!

Alexandra M

Great support for hormones! I absolutely suggest you try it!

Paula S

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