From Tampons to Discs!

From Tampons to Discs!

So you heard the hype and wanna make the jump! Congrats! Here are the insider tips on making the first move :) 

The truth is for many first-time users, finding success with your disc or cup can take a few go’s, or even a few cycles and that’s really okay. In fact it’s very common. Unlike tampons they are inserted differently and can be an intimate new experience with your vagina. 

Here is all you need to know for our first timers: 

  1. Read up on your product: Seems simple enough but depending on what product you are using and what you have been used to using, this can make all the difference in your experience.
  2. Don’t jump the gun: It is important to wait until ‘that time’ of the month before you practice and that is because our vaginal canal will be less lubricated and can make for an uncomfortable experience. The cup and disc is designed to be used during menstruation, meaning a key element of success is menstrual flow.
  3. Relaaaax: Tense muscles can make insertion uncomfortable and might not open to create a seal or it might get inserted at the wrong angle. Easier said than done, but take a deep belly breath in, and then breathe out while consciously envisioning relaxing your muscles.
  4. Getting the angle right: Make sure you get to know your product correctly and follow the advice on how to get the angle right, get intimate with your product and coochie. You will know when you get it right because you shouldn't feel it once inserted and will glide in without discomfort.
  5. Practise makes perfect: The vaginal canal is only about 3-4 inches long so your cup/disc will not get lost. Take a few deep belly breaths to relax your body. Gently insert your thumb and index finger into your vagina until you can reach the stem. Once you can reach the stem, gently pull the stem until you can firmly pinch the base and release the seal.
  6. Hygiene please: Clean your product in between uses (every 10-12 hours) with warm water. When you are at the end of your cycle ensure you thoroughly clean your cup/disc before shelving for next month by using our Steam Cleaner, or use a mild, unscented oil-free soap. This is the best option to protect the 100% medical grade silicone of your cup as well as your sensitive vaginal ecosystem.

Enjoy the journey babe, you’re gonna love it!!

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